Holistic Chakra Experience

chakra facts and feelings

Get in touch with your energy centers and explore their potential in a playful and practical way. Through mind-, soul- and bodywork we are going to awaken, connect and balance their powers.

The Chakra System, originating from the old Indian Vedas, can be seen as the architecture of the soul. Within the 7 main chakras you can find the soul's development towards a fully awakened consciousness.

The coming year we would like to invite you to 7 day-retreats in which we are going to explore and experience the potential and powers of all chakras and show you how to integrate them in your life.

Holistic Chakra Experience #1


The Force of Being Here - in This body, in This life, on This earth, at This moment.

In this day retreat you will get familiar with the qualities of your root chakra and awaken its power. You will learn how this energy center is linked to your physical body and how its communication works. 

Connect to your own base, your roots and to mother earth.

Trust your right to be and to have. 

Experience that you can be safe.

Interconnecting with the more subtle layers of the Self and the group, we will explore the potential of the Root Chakra in a practical and playful way. We will of course use asanas and other forms of bodywork, meditation- , visualisation- and non-violent communication techniques, as well as practicing silence in order to create more awareness. We will also work with ceremony. So please bring a stone that you found in nature or that already has been with you for a while.

Date:    Sunday 28th of november 2021

Time:  10:00h - 17:00h

costs:  €165,-

Including a super-power lunch made by Baldwin!

About Tanja:

Tanja teaches yoga since 2006 at de-ruimte. She studied Psychology and social sciences and completed a 3 year hata-yoga teacher training. She is also a certified Yin-teacher and breathing coach.

She is furthermore trained in several sjamanistic traditions and currently studies to become a certified Yin-therapist.

About Anne: 

Anne is practicing Yoga for more than 14 years and is certified as Yin Yoga teacher. She is deeply involved with Non Violent Communication since 2016 and has been assisting Connecting2life (Amsterdam) for many years.

Having her background in theater-design she discovered the healing abilities of visuals and rituals and is now finishing a 3 year study of psychosocial- and hypnotherapy.

Over the years she also deepened her knowledge and practise in mindfulness and meditation in its various forms.

Anne and Tanja are happy to develop their skills further together and to share that with you!